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We initially had a quote from ACC back in 2020, but it wasn’t until last year that we were in a position to purchase. After contacting numerous companies, we settled on ACC as their pricing was more competitive and communication was more responsive than the others.



Very happy with the service Kevin provided and the products. ACC have been very helpful before, during and after installation and would definitely recommend to anyone where possible to purchase solar and battery from this company. Installation of panels and equipment was complete by 2pm in just one day!



Highly recommend Kevin Boyle and his company. Had solar panels installed last Thursday and I can’t fault his communication skills, excellent standard of service, high quality products, and attention to detail.


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Solar Panel & Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

ACC Renewable Energy offer a range of services to help you save money and the planet. We cover Chester installing Solar Panels, Electric Car Charging units and Battery Storage solutions.

MCS accredited Solar Panel Installation specialists covering the North West

Accredited EV Charging Installation specialists covering the North West

Accredited electricians, specialists in battery installation covering the North West

Years of Experience

Enhancing your future with Solar Power

ACC Renewable Energy have 20 years experience in the installation of Solar Panels

When COVID hit, homes and businesses went into lockdown, cars sat on driveways, factories ground to a halt and for the first time in a while the skies were clear of airplanes. We knew it was time to think about the future of our environment. We wanted to make sure we were setting an example, not just for our children but future generation. 

Our Solar PV Panel installations in Chester are designed to help you generate your own clean and green energy from the sun. We install high-quality Solar PV panels on the roofs of homes, businesses and community buildings in Chester. With Solar PV panels, you can produce electricity during the day and power your home or business with renewable energy. This means that you can reduce your reliance on the grid, save money on your energy bills and make a positive impact on the environment.

Reasons To Go Renewable

Saving you money

Fitting solar panels can help towards cutting your energy bills and could even pay you for energy production. You could even use your own generated energy overnight with our battery storage options

Protect Your Health

Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution.

The Environment

Enter, renewable energy: a cleaner, more sustainable and recyclable means of powering our homes. Saving the planet feels good, we know as it’s part of our Green Team’s key mission! Is it time you joined us in embracing more natural means to power your home?

Sustainable EV Charging

If you run an electric car then why not have your own EV charging point at home or at work. This allows you to charge your car during the night when it has less impact on the grid and you know your vehicle will be charged when you wake up for work.

Electric Vehicle?

We have a solution that is fast, and simpler to use. It’s time for something better!

£350 Grant Available

You can now get a government OZEV grant of £350 towards the cost of your installation!

Smartphone App Monitoring
You can now control all aspects of your EV charging from your smartphone. Even choosing when it charges to ensure you take advantage of any reduced price overnight tariffs!
Fast & Efficient Charging
More than 90% of charging is carried out at home, through the night, as it is often the most practical option.
ACC Are OLEZ Approved

ACC Renewable Energy Ltd is OZEV Approved and can install a wide range of different charging points to meet your exact needs.

The future is electric, and it’s available now

Reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, one solar panel installation at a time

We can install solar panels on domestic and commercial properties. By Installing solar you can reduce your electricity bills and do your part to give something back to the planet. 

Pricing Package

Choose the best plan that fit for you

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$ 29.00 Monthly
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$ 69.00 Monthly
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$ 99.00 Monthly
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Our Factory

Advanced technology in a friendly package

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Some of our Partners & Accreditations

ACC Renewable Energy an accredited installer under the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme which regulates the solar industry and ensures we comply to the highest standards. We have 20 years experience in the installation of Solar Panels.

How long does it take to install solar panels in Chester?

The time it takes to install solar panels on a house in Chester depends on the size of the system, complexity of the installation, and the experience of the installation team. Typically, a residential solar panel installation can be completed in one to three days.

How much electricity can I generate with solar panels?

The amount of electricity that can be generated by solar panels depends on several factors, such as the size and efficiency of the system, the location of the home, and the amount of sunlight available. On average, a residential solar panel system can generate between 5 to 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are designed to last for several decades, typically around 25 to 30 years. However, the lifespan of solar panels can be affected by factors such as the quality of the panels, the installation method, and the maintenance practices.

Do I need special equipment to maintain my solar panels?

Maintaining solar panels is relatively simple and does not require any special equipment. Regular cleaning of the panels, checking for any damages, and ensuring proper wiring and connections are all that is required to keep the system running smoothly. It is recommended to have a professional perform an annual maintenance check.